You've been there before, too. You go to the mall, the outlet, the department store to shop for clothes. You find something you like and the rack is full of smalls, mediums and even larges. You snipe the last 2XL and head to the dressing room. The second you pull the shirt down over your head, you immediately know it's too short. If you raise your arms enough to scratch your ear, your belly pokes out from underneath the shirt.
You put it back on the rack and leave the store, a bit defeated.
It feels like everyone forgot there are big dudes out there even though about 15% of the population is over 6 feet tall. You don't fit on planes without having to pay extra for leg room. You have to carefully select what car you can drive comfortably. You have to duck through doors or under tree branches on the side walk. Everyone is constantly asking; 'did you play basketball in high school?'

First world problems? Maybe... more like tall guy problems.
(me in an airplane bathroom)
Finally, you're last option is the big and tall section at the department store that was only known for budget-friendly options - definitely not style-friendly.
The Hawaiian shirt fits, but you definitely aren't looking forward to wearing it anytime soon.
Fast forward and now your closet looks exactly like how your shopping experience has been for far too long - depressing.
This post from 2018 pretty much sums up what you, me and every other guy over 6 feet has likely experienced before.
We decided to put our strengths into action and solve our style + fit problem.


The mission was simple: take the most popular men's styles of the day and construct them specifically for the big and tall community.

We sourced dozens of fabrics and analyzed samples from manufacturers all over the world.

Swarmed in fabric swatches and color books, we wanted to bring as many options as we could afford to you, the big and tall community.

At the same time, we put our heads together to come up with a brand name that felt true to the goal we set out to accomplish.

XLTD "exalted", was what we all loved. A play on the big and tall size (XLT), we want big and tall men to feel exalted when they finally have clothes they look forward to wearing.

(first batch of chino pant samples)

We found a small factory that we loved. The quality of their work was matched by their speed and pricing. After many late nights of back and forth on small details like buttons, tapers, drawstrings and confirming over and over:


...the day finally arrived - our first collection was here!

(my front porch camera with a small portion of boxes from the day)
It felt like Christmas.
(my wife helping me catalog our first batch of inventory)
We started dreaming big, planning out the wardrobe we'd always wanted. We knew there were other guys out there who were sick of settling for less, and that's how XLTD was born.
Our goal was simple: create clothes with extra length that actually look good. No more outdated styles, no more awkward fits. Just clothes that make you look and feel great.
We make everything right here in-house, designed and crafted with tall guys in mind. Our shirts come in sizes MT to 3XLT, and we've got pants in 34-inch length with waists from 34 to 44 inches. And all of it is designed with the latest trends in mind.
XLTD was born and raised in Utah, but now we're helping tall guys all over the world find clothes that work for them.
But we're about more than just clothes. XLTD is all about helping guys be the best they can be, in all ways. Whether you're working on your mental health, hitting the gym, or just trying to feel better about how you look, we're here for it. We reckon that when you feel good in your clothes, it can make a big difference to how you feel about yourself.
Thanks for joining us on this journey. Every piece of clothing you buy from us is made with love and passion, and we hope you can feel it.
So welcome to the XLTD family - where being tall is always cool.